Signing up for Collie
Yes. Either you can upgrade for the remainder of your contract, or take out a new 12 month subscription where we discount it by the amount remaining on your existing plan. Contact us and we'll find a solution that works.
Absolutely, if you'd like to take a look at the dashboard and see how Collie works, we can help you with that. Just contact us, and we'll get you started.
We can. Collie was built to be scalable, and is quite customisable. We can create custom fields for just about anything, across any scale. Get in touch with us and let us know exactly what you'd like to measure over time and we're confident we can deliver a solution that's right for you.
Employee engagement is a term used for gaining an understanding of how empowered and motivated your employees are; how connected they feel to your business, how happy they are, and giving them a platform to voice any concerns they may have. The results of the surveys help your business to achieve its goals so that you can prioritise your resources. Employees who are actively engaged with their organisation are more likely to have reduced sickness absence, increased productivity, and are better able to make positive and innovative contributions in times of change.
You can send surveys at any point within a calendar month, up to your accounts limit.
Surveys are automatically sent to all employees who are marked as "active" and "verified". If a member of your team no longer works for you, you can mark them as inactive and then they won't receive the survey.
As many as you like. We recommend a variety of questions, but also recommend that you work towards finding a balance between longer surveys that capture more qualitative data, and faster surveys that reduce friction to the people who answer it.
Data Protection
Yes! Answers are stored separately to all other data points, and your personal data is never attached to any responses, and can never be backtraced. There are no loopholes or backdoors. Response data is aggregated and randomised at the time of displaying survey results, adding a further layer of protection.
Neither your manager, anyone at your business, or even anyone at Collie will ever be able to tie your response to your account. In order to eliminate the chance for submitting surveys multiple times, we record the fact that you have completed a survey on your account, but this information isn't made available to your employer so they wouldn't be able to know that you have personally completed the survey.
Your employer will have access to survey results. At Collie we have access to all data submitted through our service, and we use this data to improve our service and provide better recommendations to employers. For example we might find that a particular company has great success with a certain set of questions, and we might suggest this to other customers of Collie in order to help them improve their workplace.
Still don't have the answer?
If you can't find the answer to your question, or still have questions. Drop us an email to and we'll get back to you promptly.