Terms & Conditions

This document aims to outline the terms and conditions you agree to when using Collie. We promise to keep it quick and easy to read. We've even made the text larger by default.

Terms of use

We're glad that you choose to use Collie. By using Collie, you agree to the fact that the service is true to its word about anonymity and privacy. There are no backdoors, and we cannot provide any identifiable information on the responses you are given. If you find a response particulary offensive, you can email us and we will remove it. The survey responses and interactions you collect in Collie are given freely by your users, and never modified by Collie.


Please see our Privacy policy for information.


While we take appropriate measures to protect your data both client and server side, no system is perfect and as such by using Collie you understand that there are elements out of our control that might compromise the integrity of your data, but in that light we also promise to inform you the moment we are made aware of any such breach. Due to the anonymous nature of survey responses, no personally identifiable information could be accessed in any case.


Collie is a product of Wingtip Ltd, registered in the UK. Company number: 09888884

Your agreement with us

Our plans are based on 12 month contracts, payable in a manner of your choosing: Monthly, or annually. During the term of your contract with us, we will provide you will full access based on the level of your account, and support is available to you throughout this entire period.

By using Collie, you agree that you will not steal, or attempt to copy/modify the underlying operational code.

Cancellation & Refunds

You have a right to cancel your account and permanently delete your information. To do so, email us: info@getcollie.co.uk.

We look at refunds on a case by case basis, our standard policy is that your contract with us is on an annual basis. By cancelling your account your subscription will end at the end of the contract period. By using the service, we reserve the right to deny refunds. That being said, we don't want your business' money if you aren't happy or we fail to provide you with the service we have agreed. In situations such as these, we will work together to come up with a solution that suits both parties.


Although we strive to create a product people love to use, occasionally we might miss the mark and would welcome any complaints to info@getcollie.co.uk.